I have three papers coming up, all in May, and 1 Clement emerges as the common theme.

“Organising 1 Clement in Syriac and Coptic: Text dividers in University Library Cambridge Add. MSS 1700, Berlin Staatsbibliothek Ms. or. fol. 3065, and Strasbourg Université copte 362-385” at the Scribal Habits in Middle Eastern Manuscripts workshop, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (May 9-11).

“1 and 2 Clement in University Library, Cambridge, Add. MSS 1700”, at the Ancient Translations of the Apostolic Fathers conference in Leuven (May 22-23).

“Revisiting the Dating of 1 Clement”,  at Das Baujahr hinter der Fassade: Probleme bei der Datierung neutestamentlicher Pseudepigraphen und neuere Lösungsansätze, conference organised in Gießen (May 30-June 1).

I will post the programmes as they become available.