The latest issue of Sacris Erudiri 57 (2018) is now out, with several remarkable articles. Although it is not yet online – I’ve seen the printed issue – you can find the TOC here. I imagine it will eventually be posted on their webpage.

Until then, a couple of highlights:

The issue includes a 100 pages (!) review by Gregory Hays of V. Burrus and M. Conti (eds.), The Life of Saint Helia (OUP). That’s just about the most developed critique of a critical edition that I’ve seen so far. That should spark some conversation.

vechi 2013

There are also two critical editions, one from Aäron Vanspauwen (“The Anti-Manicaean Treatise De fide contra Manichaeos, Attributed to Evodius of Uzalis,” 7-116[!]), the other from Sergey Kim (“«Je suis venu jeter du feu sur la terre»: l’édition critique de l’original grec et de la version arménienne d’une homélie du Pseudo-Chrysostome cappadocien (CPG 4669),” 117-66).

There is no need to list the TOC since it is available here, but I would still mention Leontien Vanderschelden‘s discussion of “Two Alleged Witnesses of the Catena of the Paris Psalter: Vaticani graeci 617 and 1519” (403-38), and David Lincicum‘s “An Excerpt from the Apostolic Church Order (CPG 1739).