Haven’t received the hard copies yet, but over the last couple of days I heard news that JTS 68.2 (2017) and BASP 54 (2017) have just been published. Contents are available here and here.

In BAPS 54 there are plenty of good articles. I’ll just mention Lincoln Blumell’s article on “An Amulet Containing Acts 9:1“:

Edition of a previously unpublished New Testament papyrus in the J. Rendel Harris Collection at the University of Birmingham. The papyrus preserves a single verse from the book of Acts (9:1) and likely dates to the late third or fourth century. Given the physical characteristics of this papyrus it seems likely that it was manufactured as an amulet. However, the use of Acts 9:1, a verse about Saul ‘breathing out threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord’, is rather curious and deserves some elucidation.

From JTS 68.2 I’ll just briefly mention Brent Nongbri and Stuart George Hall’s article on “Melito’s Peri Pascha 1-5 as Recovered from a ‘Lost’ Leaf of Papyrus Bodmer XIII” (for which see here), Lincoln Blumell’s “P.Mich. inv. 4461KR: The Earliest Fragment of the Didascalia CCCXVIII Patrum Nicaenorum“, Doru Costache’s “Revisiting the Date of Chrysostom’s Homilies on Genesis” (for which see here).

My article in BASP 54 is available here, and my short piece in JTS 68.2 here.