To start properly: there is a new Oxyrhynchus Papyri volume out (POxy 81), and its table of contents includes a third century fragment of 1 Timothy which, I believe, is the first Greek papyrus that we have of this letter. Not bad.

Also the NAPS conference is coming up in May. My paper goes as follows:

The Coptic Reception of the Shepherd of Hermas: A Reassessment

This paper proposes a reassessment of the Coptic reception of the Shepherd of Hermas. To that end, it offers an updated list of all its published Coptic manuscripts, a reassessment of the dating and a description of the scribal habits found in those which are currently available, then a re-evaluation of two scholarly proposals—the truncated Coptic transmission hypothesis on the one hand, and, on the other, the possibility that the Akhmimic papyrus leaves were initially part of a pandect similar to Codex Sinaiticus (i.e. containing OT and NT books, and also Apostolic Fathers)—in view of their relevance for our understanding of the reception of the Shepherd as authoritative text in Coptic Christianity.