I’ve received news that the thematic issue of Open Theology, “Digital Humanities in Biblical Studies and Theology,” edited by Claire Clivaz and Garrick Allen is now completed.

For my piece—on a Cambridge palimpsest leaf containing lectionary readings from Mark’s gospel—I had a good experience with this issue: I received two reviews each time for both my initial submission and revised article, all very helpful. They also published the articles as the process for each was completed, which is always good.

Here’s the ToC. All articles are open access. There are very interesting manuscript projects in there, so do have a look.

Claire Clivaz and Garrick V. Allen
The Digital Humanities in Biblical Studies and Theology (editorial)

Peter Phillips, Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero, and Jonas Kurlberg
Defining Digital Theology: Digital Humanities, Digital Religion and the Particular Work of the CODEC Research Centre and Network

Matthew Ryan Robinson
Embedded, not Plugged-In: Digital Humanities and Fair Participation in Systematic Theological Research

Thomas Schlag
Truth Communication in Times of Digital Abundance: A Practical Theological Perspective

Sarah Yardney, Sandra R. Schloen, and Miller Prosser
New Digital Tools for a New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible

Garrick V. Allen
Digital Tools for Working with New Testament Manuscripts

Claire Clivaz
The Impact of Digital Research: Thinking about the MARK16 Project

Dan Batovici
Digital Palimpsests: Mark in Trinity College Cambridge MS. O.9.27

Sara Schulthess
The Bible in Arabic: Digital Resources and Future Challenges

Saskia Dirkse, Patrick Andrist,  Martin Wallraff
Structural Visualization of Manuscripts (StruViMan): Principles, Methods, Prospects

Vincent van Altena, Jan Krans, Henk Bakker, Balázs Dukai, and Jantien Stoter
Spatial Analysis of New Testament Textual Emendations Utilizing Confusion Distances

Stratton L. Ladewig and Robert D. Marcello
Presentation of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts: Bridging the Gap between Ancient Manuscripts and Modern Technology