I have just received the latest issue of Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses – 94.1 (2018), contents here – which includes a review article I wrote on the recent critical edition of the Shepherd of Hermas in Latin, the so-called ‘Vulgata’ version. You can find it uploaded here.

For those interested in OT metaphors, this issue also features an article from my colleague, Danilo Verde, “Playing Hard to Get: The Elusive Woman in Song 4:4,” ETL 94.1 (2018) 1-25. The abstract goes as follows: “The present essay analyses the simile of Song 4,4, which portrays the woman’s neck as an armed tower. On the syntactic level, it is argued that Song 4,4 presents a case of inverted word order that underscores the simile in question. On the semantic/conceptual level, it is argued that Song 4,4 presents an overlap of the domains CITY and WAR to describe the woman as having the power of simultaneously attracting and parrying the man’s courtship. On the communicative level, it is argued that the underlying metaphor WOMAN IS FORTIFIED CITY twists the mirror metaphor DEFEATED CITY IS WOMAN, which is very wide-spread in both the Hebrew Bible and cognate literature. In doing so, Song 4,4 has the effect of empowering the woman and challenging not only the Song’s beloved man, but also androcentric comprehensions of both eros and woman common to both biblical literature and its cultural milieu.”

Recently was also published the latest issue of Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies Bulletin – 3.2 (2017), available here – including an article on Hermas’ Coptic reception, which I uploaded here.

This issue of COMSt Bulletin also includes a report by Madalina Toca on a conference panel on “Versions of Late-Antique Christian Literature” organised at the EASR conference in Leuven last year, uploaded here.