For those interested in manuscript studies in the vicinity of art history, and generally in the intersection of religious art and religious texts, there is now a new journal: Museikon: A Journal of Religious Art and Culture/Revue d’art et de culture religieuse, based in Alba Iulia, Romania. The first issue, 1 (2017), has just been published and is all readily available online – you can find it here. I’ve pasted the TOC below for convenience.

I contributed to the issue a short note on John 3:5 in Codex Sinaiticus. Most articles, however, are dealing with various issues in iconography which will be of interest in particular to those with a penchant for art history and medieval and later Eastern European churches. Enjoy!


Ana Dumitran & Vladimir Agrigoroaei, Editorial / Éditorial

Studies / Études :

Dan Batovici, The τῶν οὐρανῶν Variant Reading in John 3:5

Estelle Ingrand-Varenne, Parcelles de mots et de lieux saints : La croix-reliquaire de Brageac

Dragoş Gh. Năstăsoiu, Anna Adashinskaya, New Information on the Dating of the Murals of St. Nicholas Church in Ribiţa: A Hypothesis

Vlad Bedros, La Mère de Dieu, allégorie de la nourriture spirituelle : À propos d’une inscription de l’église Saint-Georges de Hârlău

Mirosław P. Kruk, The Ἄνωθεν οἱ προφῆται in Dionysius’s Hermeneia, a source for the iconography of the Mother of God surrounded by prophets?

Emanuela Cernea, André Lecomte du Noüy and the frescoes of the Curtea de Argeş Monastery

Vera Tchentsova, Pour un corpus des inscriptions grecques de l’église Saint-Sauveur de Berestovo

Ioan Ovidiu Abrudan, Reconstructing the Image of the Old Altar Screen of the Orthodox Church in ‘Maierii Sibiului’

Laura Jiga Iliescu, La poudre aux yeux des saints : Contributions ethnologiques au dossier des peintures murales endommagées en Roumanie

Sister Atanasia Văetiși, Preliminaries to a history of Bucharest iconostases of 18th-19th centuries

Heritage / Patrimoine :

Cristina Bogdan (interview), A Glimpse towards the Inside. A dialogue with painter Constantin Cioc

Korondi Ágnes, Codices and Codex Fragments: A Hungarian Workshop of Codicology and Medieval Literature

Sarkadi-Nagy Emese, The Christian Museum in Esztergom and its recently published online catalogue

Irina Baldescu, Mălâncrav / Malmkrog (Laslea, Sibiu). La chiesa fortificata: Rilievo

Henrik von Achen, The Icon Exhibition “Kissed again and again”

Echoes / Échos :

Les ‘Ateliers Museikon’ : une expérience

Riforma e movimenti religiosi: nuova rivista

Monumenta linguae Dacoromanorum. Biblia 1688 : une monumentale édition critique

Confessional Fluidity and the Byzantine inheritance in Early Modern Ruthenian Society: conference

Heresy and Bible Translation in the Middle Ages and at the Dawn of the Renaissance : journée d’études

Latest publications / actualité éditoriale

The Cross – An Imprint upon the Living Space: exhibition