I’ve just heard news that the latest issue of Biblische Notizen is published – BN 175 (2017). It contains the outcome of the third conference on biblical and early Christian studies which I co-organised in St Andrews: “Manuscripts, Their Texts, and Their Use in Biblical and Patristic Studies”.

The general aim of this thematic issue (as was that of the conference) is to sample a variety of approaches in textual criticism across some fields in Biblical Studies and in Patristics. There are nine contributions, three of them focussing respectively on manuscripts in Second Temple Judaism studies, New Testament, and Patristics.


Here is a link to the publisher’s website. You can find the introduction here. And here goes the TOC:

Dan Batovici
Introduction: Manuscripts, Their Texts and Their Use in Biblical and Patristic Studies 

Andrea Ravasco
Scribal Processes in the Qumran Scrolls: The Case of 2Sam 15:1 in 4QSama and 4QSamc 

Lindsey A. Askin
A Contradictory Text: Authorship, Redaction, and Interpolation in Jubilees 

Laura Quick
Manuscripts and their (Proof-)Texts: Paradigms for Purity and Holiness in the Community Rule and the Damascus Document 

Benjamin Laird
Early Titles of the Pauline Letters and the Formation of the Pauline Corpus 

Jordan Almanzar
Codex Z in Galatians: Employing and Inventing Readings in the Fourth Century 

Peter Malik
The Nomina Sacra in the Marcan Portion of Codex Vaticanus: A Note on the Scribal Habits 

Dan Batovici
The Shepherd’s Abbreviations in Codex Sinaiticus 

Donatella Tronca
Libri maioris ecclesiae veronensis: The Works of Augustine of Hippo in the Cathedral Library of Verona 

Madalina Toca
The Greek Manuscript Reception of Isidore of Pelusium’s Epistolary Corpus