As the 2017 annual conference of the European Society for the Study of Religions will be held in Leuven, September 18-21, some may wish to know that it will include a panel on the this topic, currently accepting paper proposals: “Caught in Translation: Versions of Late-Antique Christian Literature”.

These sessions focus on the transmission of translations from patristic works (broadly conceived) in Late Antiquity and beyond. Apart from a limited number of better known cases which received a certain amount of attention, e.g. the Latin translations from Origen’s works, there is of course a large amount of understudied material. Yet for the texts which are translated, the versions are not only (sometimes crucial) textual witnesses, but also important testimonies of independent strands of reception, cast in the cultural context of the new language. The aim of these sessions, therefore, is to sample the range of problems and approaches involved in addressing the reception of Christian literature in the various languages in which it was transmitted.

Full description of the panel and the list of invited papers can be found here. The EASR call for papers (and the list of all panels) is available here. Deadline for submission is January 31. Do join in!