I’ve just received my copy of Archiv für Papyrusforschung 62/1 (2016):apf

I have in it an edition of a papyrus fragment of the Shepherd of Hermas housed in Paris (of the same leaf as the Hermas papyrus fragment in Prague) which I’ll upload soon here. I imagine the whole issue will be uploaded (for those with some sort of subscription, I believe) on the webpage of the journal, here. It is not live just yet.

I would also mention Christian Vassalo, “A Catalogue of the Evidence for Presocratics in the Herculaneum Papyri” the title is self-explanatory.  NT people may  well be interested in Peter Malik’s article on P.Beatty III (P47 in NT textual criticism, contains good parts of the Apocalypse of John, LDAB 2778) which pleads for an approach to early Christian codices that integrates the study of non- or paratextual and textual features, and discusses scribal corrections and the link between re-inking and textual variation.