In case you’re looking for more info on the project, here are a couple of directions. First, there is the project website, which includes a presentation and the list of projected volumes. Then there’s the publisher’s webpage. Thirdly, Andreas Merkt, one of the three editors, has published a description in Sacra Scripta 10/1 (2012), 15-31, here.

The latest installment, however, can be found in the most recent issue of Early Christianity, where the three editors of Novum Testamentum Patristicum sign together a presentation of the project: Andreas Merkt, Tobias Nicklas and Joseph Verheyden, “Das Novum Testamentum Patristicum (NTP): Ein Projekt zur Erforschung von Rezeption und Auslegung des Neuen Testamentes in frühchristlicher und spätantiker Zeit,” EC 6/4 (2015), 573-595, here.